Steda Research offers market research targeting your clients, employees and other stakeholders, on various topics regarding marketing or your internal organisation. Our strength lies in critical thinking in the start-up phase of projects, a focus on keeping things simple and executing surveys professionally. Clear and to-the-point, as is our reporting.

We want to contribute to a culture in which results are shared and discussed in your team or organisation, with an open mind for possible improvements. 

  • Understand: strength of information
  • Experience: strength of sharing insights and introducing enthusiasm in projects 
  • Build: targeted and comprehensive development of your business

Our Promise

What we do

  • Customer Research

    Customer focus and our work as researchers in this area is basically about customer needs, satisfaction and drivers behind loyalty. Topics we have researched extensively:

    • Customer satisfaction and -loyalty
    • Product satisfaction and -needs
    • Commercial processes: entry-exit research
    • Client processes: process evaluation studies
    • Channel research: usage and experience research
    • Strategic research: stakeholder research
    • Civilian participation: city- and neighbourhood panels
  • Employee Research

    As an organisation, you work together in teams in different sets of processes, in order to serve your customers. Organisations where the employees share a vision, experience pride, experience personal perspective and where internal issues are addressed, are successful. Topics we have researched extensively:

    • Employee satisfaction and engagement
    • Customer-focussed culture
    • Evaluation “new ways of working”
    • Service quality delivered by Human Resource department
    • Internal corporate communication and brand reputation
    • Line management performance: 90 degrees feedback
    • Miscellaneous diagnostic research
  • Methodologies

    In recent years, the way we collect data has changed drastically. At this point, most of the research is conducted online, sometimes supplemented with qualitative in-depth interviewing.

    • Online, tailored research projects
    • Online panel research and panel management
    • Online semi-continuous monitoring (feedback on key performance indicators)
    • Expert-interviewing
    • Focus groups and workshops

More About Us

Our Clients

Our clients are multinationals and small business enterprises, profit and non-profit organisations. Sectors in which we have we have researched extensively:

  • Financial service providers: banking and insurance companies
  • Business service providers: consultancy agencies, accountants, debt collection agencies, etc. 
  • Education: scholastic publishers, primary schools, boards of foundation(s)
  • Government (predominantly local)
  • Consumer interest organisations and utility companies 

About Us

Steda Research was founded in 1997 by Stef ten Dam. After a strong initial growth with challenging projects for large service organisations, we encountered the classic moment of choice: either to grow into a medium-sized firm, or to stay close on projects and customers with a select few project managers and a dedicated team of (at that point) 80 call forces targeted on field research. We chose the latter option. Thus, expect a quick, easy accessible service and short communication lines at a senior level. 

Our permanent staff at this point consists of Stef, Klaartje, Peter and Niels. Around Steda Research we maintain a selected network of specialists (freelancers) and small sized specialised agencies. For one part, this network expands our capacity in the field of research (esp. data analysis) when necessary.  For another part, this network provides additional services when necessary or called upon, like business consultancy, change management, project management and lean-expertise.