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Privacy (eng)


Nederlandse versie

Steda acknowledges the international guidelines of ESOMAR and of the Dutch Market Research Association MOA (centre for information based decision making & marketing research) and only conducts market research based on the guidelines as defined by these organisations.

The answers you provide are treated with confidence. This means that your responses will only be used in the context of this particular research project. We will never use your information to sell or send you anything. Information about you will never be shared with a third party and will be analysed and reported to our client anonymously.

In reporting there is no link to information about you as a respondent, such as your name, phone number, e-mail address or other. All responses will be presented using a variety of statistical tables and/or graphics and no responses will be analysed and/or reported on an individual basis.

As in all types of market research, your cooperation is always voluntary. You are entitled to ask us at any time to remove information you have provided. If possible and manageable, we will honour your request.

We make restricted use of cookies, namely for quality control, validation and prohibiting multiple surveying of individuals. You can use the settings in your browser to let you know when cookies are being installed on your computer. These cookies can be removed by adjusting your browser settings. We automatically detect your browser type so we can offer the best survey solution for your software. We conduct no other invisible actions to data on your computer.

In case of questions, please contact us. More information is to be found on or